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What our Nonprofit Partners Say

The Production Farm

The Production Farm logo
The Production Farm

“I don’t know how we managed to get so lucky to find Tonya. She came highly regarded by some of the best in the industry. She did not try to mold us into something we are not, but came with an open heart, and a willingness to learn, create, cultivate and grow with us. Providing her lengthy history and experience she helped us focus on what we were doing fund development wise, providing the support for our brand new department and our brand new development director. The work, the work, the work. Consultants normally tell you what to do and walk away, Tonya dives in as one of the team. A truly unique voice and heart in this industry.


Tonya has helped the Farm create an entire department, focus our fundraising efforts and expand our view of what we were able to do, create and give.”


Wyatt Kuether, President/CEO, The Production Farm

Grow It Forward

Grow it Forward Logo

"Tonya's support as a nonprofit advisor and coach has come at a critical juncture in my organization's life cycle. As the nonprofit's founder and CEO, I've found Tonya to be fair and honest, not only in regards to my role and position as founder and CEO, but also to the importance of the board's and staff's involvement and dedication during this stage. Tonya has helped provide encouragement for our organization to seek smart, strategic, and large goals that would not have been thought possible if not for her. If your nonprofit organization is looking to frame up its past work and is ready to take the next big leap, you can be assured that Tonya will help you achieve your goals by being there every step of the way!"


Amber Daugs, Founder & CEO, Grow It Forward

Amber Daugs, Founder & CEO, Grow It Forward
Wisconsibs SibNews


Wisconsibs logo

"Tonya comes with over 30 years of experience in business, nonprofit executive leadership, and fund development. Her fundamental values for success chimed very well with our interests in keeping mission first and supporting it with people equipped with skills and knowledge, along with strong operations. Her intuition and experience in establishing a professional relationship based on mutual trust, authenticity, honesty, and collaboration is what resonated with us and we have learned that is exactly how she operates. She is very organized, knowledgeable and connected, creative, and with her DISC certification, she understands and accommodates various behavior styles on staff and on the board - she excels here! She is an excellent problem solver and is not easily distracted from goals. WisconSibs is now in our 4th engagement with Tonya and her team and we are very pleased with the positive impact she has made on the organization!"


Harriet Redman, Founder & former Executive Director

St. Joe’s Food Pantry

St Joseph Food Program logo

“Development consultations with Tonya Dedering have brought much value to St. Joseph Food Program. Tonya’s expertise, passion, gentle manner, and years of fundraising experience have helped me personally and our organization as a whole increase our ability to raise the funds necessary to fuel our mission. Tonya takes a very personal approach to her consulting plan, becoming a member of the organization’s team and working closely with them. She is a great listener and she truly cares about the success of the nonprofits that she works with, going the extra mile to be sure they have the support they need. Tonya’s insights and expertise were very valuable to our organization. I endorse Tonya and her firm as an investment worth making in your organization!”

Monica Clare, Executive Director, St. Joseph Food Program

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Spierings Cancer Foundation logo
Spierings Cancer Foundation concert event

Spierings Cancer Foundation

“Tonya’s years of experience in the non-profit world has been invaluable to the Spierings Cancer Foundation. We started out as a grassroots operation consisting mostly of family and friends. After several very successful years, we had grown to a point where it was too much for the original founders to handle. Being a completely volunteer driven non-profit there was no plan in place for succession. Tonya led our Board of Directors and a large group of volunteers in strategic planning with a SWOT analysis of our organization identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to our Foundation. From there we have identified bottlenecks in our operation and have since formed separate committees and we have a more focused and functional Board of Directors. We have also set a goal to hire our first Executive Director and have begun succession planning that Tonya is co-leading. We could not have done this without the help of Vigeo Nonprofit Advising & Coaching.”


Jim and Sue Spierings, Founders Spierings Cancer Foundation

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